Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Character Concept (third rough)

Name: Lozen
Title: Dangerous Damsel in distress
Preferred fighting style: Swift and unexpected
Weapon: (Tomahawk Tire iron)Treaty Enforcer

 Lozen is both aggressive and elegant, her style of fighting is to always catch her opponent off guard. She uses her feminine charm to give her target a false sense of security, playing on their naïveté. When they believe they have the upper hand, she strikes.

 Out of necessity, Lozen weaponizes everyday objects for defense. Each item is easily concealed and easy to access, helping to aid in the many plans her conniving, creative mind concocts. Though her possessions are often deadly, they are always aesthetically pleasing. From modified containers of gasoline, to the tomahawk tire iron hidden for her convenience, her weapons are unsurpassed. Lozen is everything you would want a post-apocalyptic heroine to be.


Name: Ace
Title: Horseman of Death
Preferred fighting style: N/A
Weapon: (knife) Cerberus

 A man of many years and wisdom, Ace takes control of the "Horsemen of the Apocalypse" as he fills the role of a leader. His many years of experience gives him an fiendish outlook on the world to the point of sadism. He uses his intellect to keep the three other "horsemen" under his thumb. His biggest weakness would lye with his misogyny, clouding his judgment, leaving pride as his only friend.

 Ace is a great flaunter of wealth, he allows the vin tags of his many victims to be heard as they clank and fly along with his "war pony's" movements. His weapons are slim and deadly, each one made to deliver as much pain as possible. While he may seem decrepit, burning power lingers in his limbs.


Name: King
Title: Horseman of Famine
Preferred Fighting style: Face on Fight
Weapon: (Mace) Famished

 King is a man of large limbs, lumbering movements, and powerful hits. He carries his body with arrogance and pride, his stature large from the food he has pillaged from anybody and everybody already suffering from the famine that holds the world hostage.

 He overlooks the importance of repairs and prioritizes the hunt and provision stockpiling to fuel his gluttonous desires. Consequently, his "war pony" lacks glamour but food can always be found in any bag he carries. To indulge his fierce cravings, King carries an arsenal of the oddest weapons imaginable. It is very rare for him to use these weapons as he prefers a show of force over strategy. He prefers the use of his large and powerful mace which he displays with pride. (It is rumored that his gluttony has no boundaries and that he finds human flesh the most delicious of foods.)


Name: Queen
Title: Horseman of Conquest
Preferred fighting style: Flashy
Weapon: (Nun-chuck) Disease and Plague

 Queen is a man of arrogance and vanity, his looks and movements are clean and graceful. He moves his lean body in such a way that gender is a boundary he could push in any direction he pleases. One could easily be fooled into believing he is of a weaker fighter, all bark and no bite. Underneath all his narcissism there lurks a deadly brawler.

 While scavenging, Queen can always be found fishing out the most beautiful of finds. He then takes the time to "clean" and "decorate" himself with each. He is the snippy and sassy type, always ready with a comeback or insult. Everything he collects and modifies revolves around his appearance, from things he scavenges to his multipurpose weaponry; whatever he adorns must be fashionable. (Queen claims the most beautiful decorations are bones he has "found".)

Name: Jack
Title: Horseman of  War (The Dog)
Preferred fighting style: The Behind the scenes guy.
Weapon: (Shotgun) Strife

 Jack is like a small, skittish Chihuahua. It is obvious that his personality influences what he deems "necessary". During his travels, he has picked up the most unusual things, a book of jokes, half of a toilet seat, a rusted bed spring and even the skin of a lizard.  He is a man of peculiar taste and is often the ill-timed comedic relief. His humor is nothing but a smoke screen to hide his animosity owards king and queen, though he holds nothing but respect and fear for Ace.

 When it comes to face to face conflict, Jack prefers to have distance and take a roundabout approach, unless ordered by Ace of course. While he may be obedient, he is not dumb. Jack knows where his weaknesses are and when to run. Though he may be jumpy, he is fierce and spiteful when it comes to being mocked or looked down on.


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